Sunday, October 12, 2008

Enhanced Plug-in Registry View

The Plug-in Registry View Enhancements Plug-in enhances the Plug-in Registry View.

The Plug-in Registry View has a mode (Show Extension Content only) to show:

  • extension-points
  • extensions
  • extension elements
  • extension attributes

This plug-in adds some additional actions on the Plug-in Registry View's tool bar. The following screen shot shows the example of the additional actions.

For attributes with values that look like Java Type name - the Open action opens the Open Type dialog:

This works well if you have added all the plug-in classes to your Java search using the tip - Extending the Java search scope.

The other supported action is:

  • Open plugin.xml

You can download the plug-in here.

BTW this plug-in makes use of the technique described in the entry - Add pulldown actions to Eclipse View's Toolbars.

DISCLAIMER: This plug-in is experimental. So no guarantees. Use the plug-in at your own risk.

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