Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Eclipse: Show all instances of implementors of selected Java Interface

UPDATE: Added support for showing instances of classes that have specified Annotations (e.g. @Resource) on them. Added support for not showing instances for a class if the number of instances is 0.

In this blog entry I talked about extension to Eclipse Java debugger to show all instances of selected Java Class in the Expressions view. Someone requested the support for showing all instances of objects that implement selected Java Interface. I have implemented that feature now. To fully understand the context see the original blog entry first. Then see the screenshots below:

You can install the plug-in from the plug-in's update site:



Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Windows 7: Thin Vertical Taskbar

With the widescreen monitors I like to have my Windows 7 Taskbar positioned on the left edge of the monitor with Auto-hide turned on. There are many benefits of this:

  • With widescreen monitor the horizontal space is plentiful
  • Having the Taksbar on the left keeps it out of the areas where you may do mouse based activity. Having it on the right edge interferes with mouse based scrollbar activity

But no matter how much I try I cannot make it thinner than this:

I can make it very short when the Taskbar is horizontal:

How I wish I could make it thinner like this:

I got annoyed enough that I went googling and figured out a way that works for me. I am going to show you how. Just follow these step:

  • Set the taskbar settings like so:

Right-click on the taskbar and select Properties menu to show the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties dialog.

  • Create a file ThinTaksBar.bat with content:

echo ThinTaskbar
net stop "UxSms"
net start "UxSms"

It basically restarts the service "UxSms". This needs to be run as administrator. You can run the script manually with as administrator using the runas command like this:

> runas /noprofile /user:administrator ThinTaksBar.bat
  • To automate this create a scheduled task using Task Scheduler. Configure to run it with highest priviledges approximately 2 minutes after login like so:

Next time you log in, after a minute or so you will have the thin Taskbar.

Thats all folks!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Eclipse: Enhanced Cut Copy Paste Plus Plug-in

UPDATE: Now supports paste from history using (CTRL+SHIFT+Alt+V on Widnows and Linux, COMMAND+SHIFT+OPTION+V on Mac)

In this entry I blogged about the Cut Copy Paste Plus Plug-in. I have enhanced it to hook into Eclipse's standard paste command. The first paste invocation works as usual. If the General > Editors > Cut Copy Paste Plus > Quick Paste cycles through History is selected, the the quick successive invocation (within the delay specified by General > Editors > Cut Copy Paste Plus > Paste next delay(milliseconds)) of standard Edit > Paste command (CTRL+V on Widnows and Linux, COMMAND+V on Mac) will paste the strings from history.

This special behavior of paste can be toggled using the Toggle Quick Paste Cycles Through History command (CTRL+SHIFT+V on Widnows and Linux, COMMAND+SHIFT+V on Mac).

BTW this works in any StyledText and Text widgets.

You can install the plug-in from Eclipse Marketplace: