Thursday, December 25, 2014

Speak - a simple Android app using Text-to-speech

Just published a simple Android app on Google Play store called Speak. The idea is pretty simple. It will speak the text typed into a text area:

It highlights the sentence being spoken. 

You can also select text in any other application and use the share action to speak the selection:

While speaking it shows a notification. You can stop the speaking by tapping on the notification.

It is free. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Chrome Developer Tools Enhancement - highlight on change

Recently I submitted a patch for Chrome Developer Tools to add the support for "Highlight on change" feature to the Scope Variables and Watch Expressions sidebar panes. Here is the feature in in screenshots:

The idea is that it highlights the properties whose values change or when the property itself comes into existence (in which case the property name is highlighted). You say you don't want to wait and want to give it a try right now! No can use my Devtools App to try this out.

Just install the Devtools App from Web Store into your Chrome browser and follow the instructions on the blog tab or read the blog entry directly.

Make sure to use this URL (in the text box after /# in Devtoola App UI above) to point to the devtools which implement the above feature:

Feedback welcome.