Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mac Win Man - a unified Mac OS X Desktop Window and Application Manager

  • Hide/Unhide Application
  • Minimize/Unminimize Window
  • Show window with same action no matter it was minimized or hidden
  • Zoom/Unzoom Window
  • Move and Resize windows using keyboard and mouse
    • Resize windows by dragging on the window edges and corners
    • Snap window to edges and center of the display using keystrokes
    • Precisely position and size the windows by entering the location and size values
  • Tile Windows Vertically
  • Tile Windows Horizontally
  • Cascade Windows
  • Close Window
  • Quit Application
Now works with multiple displays.


Switcher (Command TAB replacement)

Move and Resize using mouse and keyboard

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telarmago said...

Thank you for your great work with MWM. It does everything FreeSnap does on Windows, and more. Thank you so much again!