Sunday, September 05, 2010

Updated Path Tools Eclipse plug-in

What's new?
  • The Custom commands can now we edited using the table editor which allows you to use a display labels and wildcard patterns for the command. The display label is used in the menu items that invoke the commands. The wildcard patterns are used to determine if the command applies to the selected file.

  • The Path Tools commands remain enabled even if there is no file selected in the Eclipse workbench. The commands operate on the workspace folder when no file is selected in the workbench.
Read more about Path Tools here.


Te Amigo said...

Hello Sandip,
I have been using the Netbeans PathTools plugin you created. Thank you for that, I was wondering if you could tell me where to find the source for the NetBeans plugin? Can't seem to find it anywhere, and I would love to have it as a learning tool. Thank you for any help,

Sandip Chitale said...

Hello Te Amigo,

You can find the source code for NetBeans Path Tools plug-in here:

In fact, sources for all my NetBeans Plugins is at:

Te Amigo said...

Thanks Sandip,
Much appreciated

me said...

Hello Sandip:

Where can I find a zip file for installing the PathTools plugin for eclipse? I need to be able to install it locally without an internet connection.

Thank you

Sandip Chitale said...

I will try to make the zip available soon.

Sandip Chitale said...

Here you go:
Update site archive