Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Desktop App powered by YouTube™

A few years ago I created the YouTube™ Viewer  add-on (which still works!) for Firefox. The idea was to search for YouTube™ videos in a distraction-free and safe manner and then watch them. Google Chrome now supports packaged apps which can be launched from a desktop icon. I thought this can be used to create a YouTube™ viewer app for Chrome. I created one using Chrome Packaged App APIs [1] [2] and Angular.js. One thing I could not achieve though was to actually embed the video inside the app. This is probably a bug...so I filed one:

180390 - Sandboxed page in packaged app cannot display embedded YouTube video.

Here are the screenshots for instant gratification:

The Desktop App powered by YouTube™:

The video playing in Chrome:

The desktop launcher for Desktop App powered by YouTube™:

Get it here.

I will soon blog about the details of how the app works and while doing that explain concepts such as sandboxed pages and security restrictions imposed by the Chrome App programming model.

Here is a screenshot of my original Firefox add-on:

You can download it here. This is built using XUL plus JavaScript.



Mark Dodsworth said...

Works well apart from the bug you posted about, I love everything about packaged apps and can't wait to see them take over.

Mark Dodsworth said...

Nice app, it will be good when you can embed like you mentioned. Can't wait till every site has a packaged app.