Friday, May 02, 2014


A simple Chrome Packaged App to try out different versions of Chome Devtools or your own or someone else's enhancements/fixes served from a accessible URL :


Showcase Chrome Debugging Protocol Clients

To try this:
  • Install Chrome
  • Run Chrome with  --remote-debugging-port=port e.g.

> ...\chrome.exe --remote-debugging-port=9222 --no-first-run

  • Load page to be debugged in it
  • Install DevToolsApp from Chrome Web Store.
  • Launch it. You will see a window like the screenshot above.
  • Click on the run button.
  • Select the page to be debugged by clicking on it from the list of pages shown
  • Voila, it should load the devtools and start debugging the selected page
DevToolsApp  also tries to get latest 15 branch URLs from the site below:

Of course you are free to type branch number or even the whole devtools URL that you want to load.

When you click in the devtools URL input field it will show you a popup with some information (if available) about the specified devtools. Explore various devtools URLs.
Feedback welcome.

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