Friday, February 13, 2015

Appolymer - a simple Chrome app shell using Polymer

Appolymer is a simple Chrome App shell using Polymer

> git clone
> cd appolymer
> npm install
> bower install

The following is needed to deal with CSP policy issue with Polymer in Chrome App

> grunt vulcanize

This processes the app/appolymer.html file and produces app/appolymer-csp.html and app/appolymer-csp.js. Please note that the app/js/background.js uses app/appolymer-csp.html as the URL of the created application window.

Here is the relevant portion of the Gruntfile.js:

    vulcanize: {
   options: {
     csp: true
   csp: {
    files: {
    'app/appolymer-csp.html': 'app/appolymer.html'

> cd app

Install using  Settings > Extension > Select Developer Mode > Load unpacked extension... from app folder.


Akhash Ramamurthy said...

Hi Sandip,

Can you throw some light on how to configure the grunt and the vulcanize task on grunt?


Sandip Chitale said...


See the last paragraph in the blog entry.