Sunday, December 27, 2015

Filed Eclipse enhancement

Many time I copy a file and the only difference is that I need to map a noun to another.e.g.

firstName -> lastName

getFirstName() -> getLastName()


and even better:



This is supported by emacs to some extent. See below.

The Eclipse find/replace dialog should support this using a Case mapping chekbox option like this:

__ Options ____________________

[ ] Case sensitive

    [X] Case mapping

Some languages use camel case, some use hyphen or underscore. The dialog could take that into account.

Support Emacs style case matching replace behavior.

15.10.3 Replace Commands and Case
In addition, when the newstring argument is all or partly lower case, replacement commands try to preserve the case pattern of each occurrence. Thus, the command

M-x replace-string RET foo RET bar RET

replaces a lower case ‘foo’ with a lower case ‘bar’, an all-caps ‘FOO’ with ‘BAR’, and a capitalized ‘Foo’ with ‘Bar’. (These three alternatives—lower case, all caps, and capitalized, are the only ones that replace-string can distinguish.)

If upper-case letters are used in the replacement string, they remain upper case every time that text is inserted. If upper-case letters are used in the first argument, the second argument is always substituted exactly as given, with no case conversion. Likewise, if either case-replace or case-fold-search is set to nil, replacement is done without case conversion.


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