Saturday, December 31, 2011

Code Clips Eclipse Plug-in

The Code Clips Eclipse Plug-in lets you create code clips on the fly and associate abbreviations with them. The abbreviations are expanded using the TAB key.

If there is more than one abbreviation that matches the prefix before the caret then a content assist style popup is shown. You may select the item in the popup by clicking on it or typing it's ordinal number. Once selected the expansion associated with the selected abbreviation is inserted in place of the prefix.

The expansion text may contain the following variables:

The numbered variables ${1} through ${9} act as tab stops. The ${clipboard} variable will be replaced by the contents of the clipboard at the time of expansion. You can use the Variablize... dialog to convert multiple occurrence of same word into a variables. All occurrences of the same variable can be edited together using the Linked editing support of Eclipse editors.

To create a code clips use the Edit > Create Code Clip menu item

or use Control+5 (windows and linux) or Command+5 (mac) keyboard shortcuts. This will show the Create Code Clip dialog.

If you had any text selected in the editor that will be populated in the Expansion text area. You may insert the above mentioned variables using the Insert Variables menu button.

You can manager the Code Clips using the Manage Code Clips dialog which can be invoked by clicking on the Manage... button in Create Code Clips dialog :

The Code Clips Eclipse Plug-in is available on Eclipse Marketplace!

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