Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Eclipse: Cut Copy Paste Plus Plug-in

The Cut Copy Paste Plus Eclipse Plug-in enhances the cut, copy functionality by recording the history of the text that was cut or copied. It enhances the paste functionality by allowing you to paste the text from the history. To use the cut and copy history functionality you do not have have to do anything special. To access the special paste functionality you have to invoke Paste Plus command which is by default bound to Ctrl+Shift+V on windows and linux and Command+Shift+V on mac. You can change the keybindings to liking using the Preferences > General > Keys preference page. When you invoke this command the text that was last copied is pasted. If you re-invoke the same commands within a short period of time (default 1 second) - the text from the history is pasted.

The behavior of the plug-in can be configured in the Cut Copy Paste Plus preference page:

In the following example I copied the words three, four and five. Then I invoked the Paste Plus command. The first time it pasted five :


Then I invoked the same command quickly and it pasted four :

Ctrl+Shift+V (within 1000 millisecond)

  Then I invoked the same command quickly again and it pasted three :

Ctrl+Shift+V (within 1000 millisecond )

BTW this works in any StyledText and Text widgets.

You can install the plug-in from Eclipse Marketplace:


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