Saturday, July 21, 2012

Eclipse: Clone Remote Systems View Plugin

The RSE Plugin for Eclipse has the Remote Systems View which allows you to look at local file system as well as remote files system using SSH. I use this to view the file system of remote Linux machines from inside my Eclipse IDE on my development machine. This comes very handy for dragging and dropping files between Package Explorer to the remote machine's file system. However if you want to copy files from one remote machine to another it can get tricky because you may have to autoscroll to drag and drop the files due to the long expanded trees shown in the same view. Well, I thought let me just clone the Remote Systems View, place the original and the cloned views side by side, scroll to the right place in the trees in each view and then simply drag and drop  the files. Alas, the Remote System View does not support the cloning. Bummer... No fear....I wrote a small Eclipse Plugin which allows you to do just that. The Clone View feature lets you clone the Remote Systems View as many times as you like. You can further rename each view to your liking, e.g. the name of the remote machine on which you want focus in that view.

Here is the screenshot which shows the original and cloned views focused on different directories on the local file system, but you get the idea:

Get it from the update site here: 
As always feedback welcome. 

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Anonymous said...

That has always been my problem too. Genious! Thank you for the plugin!