Sunday, October 21, 2012

Eclipse: Enhanced Cut Copy Paste Plus Plug-in

UPDATE: Now supports paste from history using (CTRL+SHIFT+Alt+V on Widnows and Linux, COMMAND+SHIFT+OPTION+V on Mac)

In this entry I blogged about the Cut Copy Paste Plus Plug-in. I have enhanced it to hook into Eclipse's standard paste command. The first paste invocation works as usual. If the General > Editors > Cut Copy Paste Plus > Quick Paste cycles through History is selected, the the quick successive invocation (within the delay specified by General > Editors > Cut Copy Paste Plus > Paste next delay(milliseconds)) of standard Edit > Paste command (CTRL+V on Widnows and Linux, COMMAND+V on Mac) will paste the strings from history.

This special behavior of paste can be toggled using the Toggle Quick Paste Cycles Through History command (CTRL+SHIFT+V on Widnows and Linux, COMMAND+SHIFT+V on Mac).

BTW this works in any StyledText and Text widgets.

You can install the plug-in from Eclipse Marketplace:


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Great Idea right there.